I develop software for a maritime based company, that is owned by a great big silicon valley software company, which is now operating in Halifax.  We build software that basically downloads the Internet everyday, filters out all the garbage and help our clients see the important stuff that's left.

Before this, I was a Software developer for an innovative little company in Dartmouth Nova Scotia that is leading the way for remote Internet Voting internationally.  See my on-line resume for more information.

I'm not all business...I have an active lifestyle where I spend time practicing martial arts, swimming, running and walking.  I love to garden and work in the yard.  I'm a scotch, wine and beer fan and like to learn about how its all made and where it comes from.  I love to travel and take time out to tent and cottage with the family.

You will find me on Twitter @shawncrosbys or check out my profile on LinkedIn.

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