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Professional Experience

Intelivote Systems Inc, Dartmouth, NS

2004 – Present

Provides election services for government bodies, political organizations and corporations.  Implements a unique solution to allow voting over the Internet and Telephone while integrating with traditional polling methods.

Technical Architect / Developer


·         Designed and developed a multi-user, multi-role, end to end election software system which has been successfully implemented for elections in Canada and the United Kingdom.

·         Designed and developed a telephone gateway to the application using Voice XML as a presentation layer component to the election system.

·         Integrated an election system using web services which allowed Intelivote and four other vendors to provide a single solution for two municipal elections in the United Kingdom.

·         Designed software for a touch screen voting system for an international business partner using Election Markup Language (EML; a standards based schema from the OASIS group for election interoperability)

·         Introduced and Implemented Agile Software Development methodology using Scrum for the whole organization.


·         Provide technical leadership for the development team and determine technical direction for application designs.

·         Identify and document system requirements and design software components and work with business owners to ensure deliverability of designs.

·         Present information relating the architecture and security of the system to outside investors and potential clients.

·         Architect, implement, monitor and support high availability hardware solutions to deliver election services.

·         Participate in the setup and delivery of election events for clients.


Jacques Whitford, Dartmouth, NS

2000 – 2004

An International firm of over 35 offices across Canada and the United States that provides professional services in environmental and earth sciences.

Manager, Information Systems


·         Built a formalized approach to technical support including helpdesk, client service level agreements and escalation procedures.

·         Standardized the use of technology across the organization and defined process for procurement and implementation of information technology initiatives.

·         Developed organizational security policy and disaster recovery framework.


·         Manage and develop IT Staff throughout the organization.

·         Oversee corporate IT initiatives and ensure that outcomes were in line with corporate vision.

·         Identify organizational requirements as they relate to technology and set company standards for applications, hardware and protocols.

·         Act as Liaison for all IT goods and service providers to ensure quality service and maximum cost savings.

Jacques Whitford, Dartmouth, NS

1997 - 2000

Senior WAN Technician


·         Standardized all Network operating systems and hardware and improved system stability and reliability.

·         Designed and built a network monitoring system to monitor network equipment and report on system weaknesses.

·         Designed and implemented system firewalls and perimeter monitoring for the organization.

·         Replaced frame relay network with open source virtual private network.

·         Designed and implemented internet security protocols.


·         Monitor and maintain enterprise systems.

·         Provide second tier support to location system administrators.

·         Liaise with communication and hardware providers to ensure quality service and maximum cost savings.

Polar Bear Software Company, Halifax, NS

1996 – 1997

An IBM owned software applications training organization providing corporate and commercial training across Canada.  Recognized as one of the leading software applications training facilities in the country.

Technical and Applications Instructor


·         Microsoft Product Specialist Certification

·         Microsoft Certified Trainer Certification

·         Certified Netware Administrator Certification


·         Provide classroom training in office applications to corporate clients.

·         Provide classroom and lab training to technical professionals.

·         Develop and deliver classroom material where necessary.

CompuCollege School of Business, Halifax, NS

1995 – 1996

A locally operated franchise of the Toronto School of Business provides diploma programs in areas of accounting, business administration, microcomputer applications and repair, network applications and hospitality industry.

Instructor / Support


·         Implemented the school’s first Internet Gateway and Internet email system.

·         Developed a pilot program for continuing education program in the evenings.


·         Provide classroom training in applications to diploma students.

·         Develop and deliver classroom material where necessary.

·         Provide system support as required.


CompuCollege School of Business, Halifax, NS

Business Administration / Microcomputer Business Applications

Graduated 1992 with Honors

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