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Skills Matrix

Below is a list of skills which I have some degree of expertise in.  I have listed them in a way to show how recent my experience with each skill is and roughly how many years I have had using them in a professional capacity.  There are a number of programming languages that I have played with, but I haven't listed them here since I haven't really used them outside of a theoretical sense.  This list is ever expanding and quite honestly, there are platforms and languages that I have used and simply forget about them.  I add them when I think about them and try and keep the list somewhat up to date.  If you have a requirement for specific skills, you should email and ask me about it and I can tell you pretty quickly whether or not I can help you with it.
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SkillLast Year UsedYears Experience
SkillLast Year UsedYears Experience
Linux 2010 15 
Javascript 2010 13 
HTML / DHTML 2010 13 
Java 2010 09 
Java: Struts 2010 09 
Java: JSP 2010 09 
Voice XML 2010 07 
Java: Enterprise 2010 07 
Perl 2006 06 
Cisco CSS 2010 05 
Cisco IOS 2007 05 
Java: Swing/AWT 2009 04 
Java: JSF 2009 03 
Scrum 2010 02 
C++ 2005 02 
Java: JavaFX 2009 01 
Showing 16 items